Clocked In At South High Showcase

by Dan Reidy

WORCESTER, Mass. - Clock In: June 3 - 3:00PM
On measurably the coldest June day Worcester has ever felt, South High was the site of the latest Clocked In Athlete showcase. The day brought high school football players from across New England together, all with a similar goal, to get better and to be seen.

The day started whistle-clap… 70 student athletes in unison. Whistle-clap… Coach Bennet from NGE Sports Performance led the dynamic stretch. Whistle-clap… everyone Clocked In. 

The showcase organized by Clocked In Athlete featured a series of drills and exercises designed to test the skills and improve the abilities of student athletes. From timed agilities to one-on-one matchups, the day offered a platform to showcase their talents to college coaches in attendance as well as every school in New England who will receive the times and information of every athlete.

During offensive and defensive drills, position specific coaches from around the region worked with athletes as they pushed themselves though the cold and rain. All positions broke out into separate sessions and the energy was through the roof in every group. As athletes worked through the reps, coaches pushed them to be competitive with every step. 

“I’m liking the drills,” Doherty Memorial High School WR/DB Juan Reynolds said. “You know, I’ve learned some stuff I haven’t learned before, footwork. It’s a lot different than most camps. I like how they had the laser 40(yard dash), the 5-10-5, I mean I love it. It’s amazing. I’m having a good time.”

“It was a pretty good day,” Windham High School WR/DB Cameron Williams said. “My favorite drill was working on releases and just learning how to get off and press DBs.”

We asked student athletes Cameron Williams and Juan Reynolds to define what it means to be a Clocked In Athlete. 

“I think it means being here when no one else is,” Williams said. “Just putting in work when everyone else is at home.”

“When I think of it, I think you’re locked in. You’re ready, you know what I’m saying,” Reynolds said. “You’re putting everything you have out there and you try to do the best you can at all times. That’s what it means to me.”

Midway through the day, the Clocked In Athlete showcase took time to highlight the mental side of the game. Coach David Marsh of Spiked Performance Consulting spoke about the importance of mental health and putting things into perspective. Student athletes took time to silently reflect on what motivates them. 

Every athlete in attendance Clocked In, but some went above and beyond. Awards were given to stand out performers of the day:
10:60 Leadership Award - Nathan Della Morte - Johnston High School, RI
Impact Fitness Impact Player Award - Dason Jones, Coventry High School, RI
Scoop Drip Defensive MVP - Jordan Summers - Belmont Hill School, MA
Clocked In MVP - Ransford Adri - South High Community School, MA

Overall, the Clocked In Athlete Showcase at South High was a huge success. The day marked the fourth showcase for Clocked In Athlete, providing another platform for talented high school football players to showcase their skills and potentially get recruited to play at the college level. The event was a testament to the hard work of the student athletes, as well as the coaches, organizers and Clocked In team who made it happen.

If you missed the showcase, follow Clocked In Athlete on all social medias and keep an eye out for future events. The team is planning more showcases and more opportunities for athletes to gain exposure.

Just be ready to Clock In.